Saturday, February 23, 2019

A couple completed projects .

These projects have been on my bench for a long time but finally the stars aligned and I was able to gets these guys done!

this next picture is my origenal photoshop mockup .The final figure changed slightly from my origenal concept.

this next picture is the prototype horn skull. This was made from a triceratops toy and soft cast of a remco skullman head. This was molded and cast in solid red for the final part used.

This last red demon picture is actually a few step ahead (I didn't take pictures of the skeleton body before it was painted but as you can tell from the head nub it was transparent ) this picture is right after I connected the wings. The wings are from a Ghostbusters toy I picked up at dollar tree.The wings are planted into a custom cut cavity in the back of the body and have a full range of articulation.

and now to Remco Deimos .I made a reproduction of his costume using the cover of a 3 ringed binder.The sword and shield are custom cast and painted.

 this last shield goes to a figure Im going to show at a later date but I thought I would go ahead and show the custom reproduction shield I had made (painted by me)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Its February already?

As promised posts will start back ..well right now I guess. I cant believe how fast January went by. So this guy is a little project I've had in the works for a while. He isn't 100% done but mostly he is just missing some garnish. Ive been using the name "bitch slap" for this project for months but now I think his official name is Hando .