Saturday, January 12, 2019

a quick 5.5 Alive update

                                                           Baltard is watching you sleep! 

I just wanted to stop by and let everybody know that posts will return to 5.5 Alive in February (maybe the last couple of days of January but don't hold your breath)! Due in part to many reason (but mostly due to the ridiculous cost of medication these days ) I have slowed down on my spending and haven't had very much to show on this blog recently .Thats not to say I've stopped collecting but more that I've been saving what I have gotten for a later date. Rest easy my loyal fan base ,fancy new figures will be here soon enough! Edit I was emailed by a very upset person screaming at me that the use of the word "tard" is hurtful and derogatory .Thing is that is actually the above figures given name and I had no part in naming him.

as you can see on the packaged version thats his name.