Sunday, July 29, 2018

Evil kitanalyn

This...well.. this is a mess really .I almost went with the name Jaundice lollipop head  but it just didn't have the same ring to it as Evil kitanalyn.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


This is Galaxy heroes Dragoon (or maybe not as there is some debate in the KO community as to if this guy also holds they name Dragoon or if he is just a nameless KO of KO .

Friday, July 20, 2018

Remco, Lost World of The Warlord

I completed the set! I need to reproduce a couple costumes and track down a few weapons still but having all the figures makes me pretty happy.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Underworld Warriors

this is Underworld Warriors Blue demon skeleton guy ( some call him Krampus but its no Krampus because these predate the rebirth of Krampus back when nobody had heard of him). One down five to go and on a completely related note can anybody out there spot me 3k ? just kidding but really this collection is going to be painful .

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The top 5.5 I need in my life

To follow up on the theme my best friend Alexis posted *here* Im going to do a top 5 list but its not the  "Top 5 Vintage MOTU figures (IMO) that I do not currently own" my list is The top 5.5 I need in my life .I decided to go this route because the MOTU figures Im still missing Im just missing because I haven't bought them yet not because I can't find / afford them but the things on this list I can either not find or afford.

5: Remco Warrior Beasts Wolf Warrior. He turns up very rarely and when he does turn up you can guarantee that 300 other people want to win him just as bad as you do.

4: Sungold Galaxy Warriors Dragoon .another figure that isn't always around , this guy can quickly rack up the bids to 100$ or more loose.

3: Remco Conan Thoth Amon : This is again a case of supply and demand .Loose examples of him come and go in the blink of an eye and carded examples run between 300$ to 500$.

2: Underworld Warriors : They are rare and expensive and high on most KO collectors want lists.

1:Speclatron Dethlor: The holy grail of 5.5 Ko collectors. This guy will cost you over 1000$ loose ,if you want just an arm that will cost you over 100$ .I had this guy for a long long time and then he broke in half and from there Im clueless where he went. When I went to replace him a few decades later I was shocked to see that the figure I picked up at Toys R Us with leftover pocket change (from playing in the arcade next door) was now ridiculously expensive .

and now as a bonus ,this is a picture of how my first shelf full of non MOTU 5.5 figures looks on the morning of 7/11/2018.

*please forgive the poor lamp placement*
I'm about to expand onto another shelf so I will keep you guys updated!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Golden oldie : Take a bite out of crime!

I posted this 4 years ago in may of 2014 ,it went mostly unnoticed so I will resurrect it here as a blast from the past.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Hasbro Ninja Warriors : Dragonmaster

This is a completely overlooked 5.5 line from hasbro . they have a different body construction than most of the MOTU clones but still fit right in despite that . what toy collection doesn't need more ninja?.

Remco Warrior Beasts Skullman

Marking this guy off of my list has left me with just 3 of the Remco Warrior Beasts left to get...the 3 most expensive hardest to find from the line.

MOTU Scareglow

Realm Of The Underworld ,Corpse Tooth

This guy is a recolor of the Remco skeleton used in Pirates of the Galaxseas  as Ribs and Crossbones ( both very rare and very expensive)


Remcos Hercules Unbound

This is Remcos Hercules Unbound .Many people have commented over the years that this looks nothing like Hercules and they are right ...sort of . This figure is based on the mid 1970's Hercules Unbound comic book and not the legendary hero of the past. This version of  Hercules was set in a post apocalyptic future and only lasted 1 year in publication .The comics are roughly the same price now as they were back then and will set you back about a buck each and in my opinion are really worth reading. This sword he is hold is not to him , its not even a Remco weapon and I have zero clue where its from originally but it came with him so I left it in his hand.

next figure on my list to get is Arak but Im being picky and waiting fro a complete version to show up in my 20$ or less price range so it might take a while.

Update! I finally fixed the gold cord that is supposed to be on this figure. Its a small thing but it makes a difference

Gangrenous Acromancer

Im not altogether sure what this guys name is.  I think combining the names of 2 other similar figures  to make the name  Gangrenous Acromancer sounds pretty cool.

The skeleton army is adapting to the new 5.5 world I have built ! Expect to see more of the exploits of the skeletons in the near future.

First post on a new blog and A Customs by Brothermidnight original : Mr Frost the Satyr

Welcome to my new blog ! Here I will showcase my pet cats and the tricks they can do! Kidding ,this is my new home for all figures 5.5 .I will also showcase toys that may not be 5.5 but are compatible.For the first few posts I will be rerunning posts from my old blog that where ignored by people who are just into other stuff. So as a warning I stated right up front this will be basically He Man and his knock off friends so if thats not your thing it would probably be best for you to back out of this page and go back to where you got here from.Now on with the post! This is my first ( of probably many to come ) Remco style 5.5 custom figure. I named this guy Mr.Frost  as a homage to Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.