Saturday, April 6, 2019

Made by me! Remco Warrior Beasts Anglor

I finished this guy up yesterday and Im extremely pleased with the finished results.

I tried to keep in the spirit of the origenal Remco Warrior Beasts and I think for the most part he fits in perfect.
Here are a few bonus pictures that I took that documents the creation of the head from beginning to end.
This is the origenal toy I used for the head unaltered.
 here it is cut into a few pieces
 This is Milliput 2 part epoxy clay.I I built an extension onto the head to taper out the shape and hold the fin.
 This is the nearly finished paint job. The step between this and the final step really didn't photograph well because it was just a thin wash of nearly transparent pearlescent white.
 and this is the completed head. I use a thin coat of Pledge future shine floor polish as my clear coat. I find it gives just the right amount of gloss to match that of vintage 1980's toys.


  1. By far your best custom! great work!

    1. Thanks! I know this was your first time seeing it ;)

  2. Damn Brother that's pretty dope!The scale effects on the epoxy look great.On point ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah that epoxy takes a little practice to to get used to but I think it turned out pretty good.